Why Another RSS Reader (WARR)


WARR is a fully function RSS Reader written in VB. It has headline management (managed by a database, two search options and automatic maintenence. Documentation is also available. It is already fully functional and complete.


28/01/2006 - Project development ceased

I have decided to cease development on this project. I haven't committed any new code for six months due to strains on my time, and have since lost interest in developing this project any further. It began as a high-school assessment task, and has since been rewritten with similiar design principle for .NET, but I don't have the heart to continue developing this project any further.

If anyone would like to take over development, have no qualms about contacting me at: carmstrong at fastmail dot__ com dot au. I am yet to receive an ounce of feedback with regards to this project, so anyone interested in continuing it would be most welcome.

30/01/2005 - First Warr.NET release

Okay, it seems Warr.NET is stable enough to allow into user's hands. It's a complete rewrite of the previous Warr. It is also availible under CVS using the module name "warr-2". It will require Visual Studio .NET to compile.

As a note, versioning for unstable Warr.NET will begin at 1.30 and proceed upward, until I consider it stable and complete enough to release as a stable version, where it will take the version 2.00 (probably sometime this year). All future unstable releases will be announced at the sourceforge project page. Keep an eye on the news section for update notification.

Please test it out, and report all comments/bugs/suggestions/problems/ideas to the email address at the bottom of the page. All feedback is currently welcome, as I have plenty of time before I start university (later in February). From then, I expect things to get busier.


Despite the lack of news, work continues (slowly) on Warr.NET. It has enough features at the moment to make it (barely) useable, as well as enough bugs to render it unstable. Feel free to download from CVS and play around, comment on what you think. CVS statistics are currently lying: sourceforge haven't updated them since about mid-January. All feedback welcome.


I usually dont post news items here, but this is important. We will not be continuing development of the VB 6 WARR. Instead, we will continue to provide bugfixes and technical support to any old versions, as we begin development on a new version of Warr that runs on the .NET platform (removing the VB 6 dependency altogether).

It allows for a more flexible user interface (i.e. panels and adjustable controls) and a more streamlined development. It also may permit more portability to Linux and other platforms when mono gains Winforms support.

Preliminary copies can be found in CVS (it is way too incomplete to post a unstable release version). Anyone wanting to contribute can contact me directly on the email address below.

As always, releases news is posted on the sourceforge project page (link below).


To compile WARR, you will need:

Alternatively, you can download pre-compiled binaries of WARR at the sourceforge project page. It only requires the VB 6 runtimes (which should be included) and the Microsoft Jet drivers.


A stable release is now available at the project page. It comes in a compiled and uncompiled version. There is also an unstable development release with a couple of extra features; it should be fairly stable anyway (requires VB 6 to compile).

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